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Our global community is intimately connected, especially through trade, travel, and the internet. Some of us live comfortably in communities with public infrastructure, transport, healthcare, and education. Millions of other people do not have access to such services for complex reasons, like poverty and discrimination. As consumers we can drive social change toward equality and justice. We can talk about innovative solutions by looking at seven sectors of international development.

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The YeongoTalk Community is a respectful space to:

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  • Help one another through thoughtful feedback and goal setting.
  • Share your ideas, discuss culture, and speak freely about social issues.

Featured Instructors

Paige Allan
Paige Allan

I love English

Tanner Peterson
Tanner Peterson


Kirk R
Kirk R

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Niko Koga
Niko Koga

I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge! I speak English only.

I teach ESL and like to keep my sessions informative and fun, a comfortable and relaxed place for you to learn. Let's get our English on!!!

I also own a cleaning business and have mentored people in starting one of their own. My focus is on business paperwork, bookeeping, finding clientel, training on cleaning, and general Q & A. Please message me before booking and let me know what type of answers you are looking for and what state you are in, just so I can make sure I am the right person for you.

KEYWORDS - ESL, English, cleaning, housekeeping, housekeeper, scrubbing,










of my language and culture.

Advancing English Education

Approved Instructors have the opportunity to:

  • Create their work schedule.
  • Set their pay rate after the initial Startup Period.
  • Lead meaningful conversations in English.