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Paige Allan
Paige Allan

I love English

April Allan
April Allan

First off, I love English. 

English is my passion and my love. I began my university career in the science department, and quickly switched to Major in English. I love books, but basically any type of literature old and new. My passion is with medieval literature, being Shakespeare and Chaucer. But I love to read all kinds of books, in many genres. Other favorite genres are fiction, fantasy, and gothic. Some books that I have read included the entire Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games series, The Twilight Series, almost all of Shakespeare’s plays, Chaucer Canterbury Tales, and a variety of biographies and autobiographies.

Overall, I love to read and discuss all kinds of literature.

I also have a passion in History, specifically Canadian History, WW1, WW2, American and Medieval History. I have always enjoyed learning about history and love discussing different parts. My expertise is with Canadian History and its involvement within world history. As well I love to learn about other areas and aspects of history that I don’t know and that people would like to share.

As an instructor, I am extremely confident in conversation around these topics, but also general conversation and any knowledge about life in Canada. I have grown up in British Columbia Canada. Taking time to explore and discovering different parts of the area has been of great fun and enjoyment. If you want to learn about different areas or discuss things in BC I am more than capable. I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree at the University of the Fraser Valley, (major in English Literature, minor in History), and have my TESL certifications.

Nonetheless, as a native Canadian English speaker I am experienced in all that is offered with learning and experiencing English in Beautiful British Columbia. :) 

Please Check my availablity and book a session and lets talk! 



Kirk R
Kirk R

YeongoTalk Inc.

Founder of the YeongoTalk platform available for mentoring, consulting, coaching, life coaching and teaching various business and platfrom develpment skills.

Elsie Stanko
Elsie Stanko

I love to meet students and share my understanding of the English language. My training is in teaching methods that benefit students in their communication skills.

I have strong communication skills with proven exceptional written, verbal and presentation skills. This has proven itself effective when working with International cultures.  I also have a foundational background in music and have been a singer for several years. This has helped me when it comes to essay writing, improving upon natural flow and rhythm fluency.

I have taught many students throughout the years and our family has hosted several long-term   students who wanted to stay here in British Columbia. I enjoy conversations about life in Canada and can discuss things here in BC.

I am available for you; Let’s set up a session and I will be here to learn alongside you and make improvements in your English ability.  Now is the time to achieve the success in your English skills that you have always wanted!

Please check my availability and book a session soon.


Elsie Stanko. TESL Certificate.